When I was younger, I thought I wanted to be an author because of my love of reading.  As I grew up, my desire and passion to write only strengthened.  I began to understand there was more to writing and authoring books then met the eye.  I was intrigued with what was entailed when it came to writing.  Today as a college student, I have taken as many classes as possible in order to enhance my writing skills.  Along with strengthening my writing skills, I decided to major in communications because I felt that was a huge part to portraying any type of message.

As I have gone through my college career, which is coming to an end as of May 04, 2012, I have learned the importance of writing.  The recording of our history today  is done through journalism.  As I end my studies at the University of Utah, I hope to delve further into my desires to become a more sufficient writer.  My passion to write will follow me anywhere I go, and through whichever career path I choose, and I hope through these travels, I may influence those around me with the desire to write and learn the art of journalism.